While selecting and organizing folders in File Explorer, you can easily invert selection and batch file rename in Windows 10.

Invert File Selection in Windows 10

If you want to delete 29 files in a 30-file folder, don’t select the 29. Instead, select the one you want to keep, then click Invert selection under Home on the File Explorer ribbon menu. Hit Alt+H then tap S followed by I to do the same job via keyboard shortcuts.

Batch File Rename at Once

Not still renaming files individually are you? Select multiple files (with Shift+click or Ctrl+click) in File Explorer, then right-click on them and choose Rename—the filename you enter is given to all the selected files, with a different number added on the end.

Bonus: Bypass the Recycle Bin

Maybe you don’t want anyone recovering your erased data, or maybe you just don’t want the Recycle Bin taking up storage on your drive, but to permanently delete a file the first time around, hold down Shift before you hit the Delete key. You still get a confirmation box too!