Microsoft Windows 10 offers official Maps application and also you can download offline maps, which helps to search places and get directions even you’re offline.

May be you don’t know that there is a built-in official map application in Windows 10. Or you uninstalled it long before and forgot that there is a Windows Map application you can use. So just hit start menu and write down “maps” to check if you have the Maps application or not. If you don’t have the application, first you should install it for free by clicking here.

Also Windows 10 provides the ability to download the offline maps, which can be used even there is no internet connection. This helps to access maps and get directions without an internet connection.

How to Download Offline Maps

1) To get started with offline maps open your Windows Settings page. (Just type it to start menu to launch)

2) In the Settings page main screen, choose “System” option that the first item in the screen.

3) Under system settings, you should see “Offline Maps” in the left side list, click on it.

4) Now on the right side you can see lots of options related to maps. Click on “Download Maps” option to select the region you want to download.

5) First you have to choose desired continent to proceed.

6) Now on the next screen, choose the country for which you want the map for (Also you can multi-select). Note that there indicates the size of data of the map for each country. So you may want to be on an unlimited data connection before start to download.

7) Now hit the download icon and be patient until all your maps complete downloading.

Using Offline Maps in Windows 10

Once you have downloaded maps, you will have complete access to these maps even you are offline. To see/check offline maps, first launch maps application listed in Start Menu.

The Map application loaded with pre-downloaded maps and you are now able to use these offline maps fully without internet connection. By default all the available updates for the offline maps will be done automatically when you connect to internet.