Microsoft began to inform Windows 7 Home users that support for the software package was on the point of run out. From in the week on, the notifications also will be shown to users running devices with Windows 7 professional.

The company’s Windows 7 software package can run out of support in Jan 2020. The software package is within the extended support part presently which suggests that Microsoft can offer security updates for it.

Microsoft will not unharness any updates for home versions of Windows 7 when the Jan 2020 Patch Day, Enterprise and business customers might extend the tip of support by up to a few years by paying Microsoft for extended support.

Enterprise customers might pay $50, $100 and $200 North American country greenbacks severally per user and year (the fee doubles every year), business customers constant for Enterprise editions and 0.5 the value for professional editions however not per user however per device.

End of Support Notifications

The end of support notifications area unit delivered to the user by AN update: KB4493132, Windows 7 SP1 support notification, permits the notifications on devices running Windows seven.

The update is pushed via Windows Update automatically. it’ll be downloaded and put in automatically on devices with Windows Update enabled.

The notification is simply displayed on Windows 7 professional devices that don’t seem to be domain-joined.

It displays a window on the screen that users ought to move with.

After ten years, support for Windows 7 is nearing the tip.

January 14, 2020 is that the Last Judgment Microsoft can supply security updates and technical support for computers running Windows 7. we all know modification are often tough, that is why we’re reaching out early to assist you duplicate your files and steel oneself against what is next.

The windows features a huge “learn more” prompt that results in this page on the Microsoft web site. The page advertises the company’s Windows ten software package and devices that run the software package together with new Surface devices however also devices created by third-party makers like Samsung, Acer, or Lenovo.

Windows 7 users who don’t need to check the notification once more should check the “do not remind me again” box to avoid being notified multiple times regarding the upcoming support finish.

Microsoft promised that it will not bombard customers with notifications and therefore the checkbox to block future notifications ensures that customer’s will block future notifications victimization it. there’s actually conjointly the choice to block the tip of support update entirely to dam it from getting into the laptop in 1st place. look into this guide to get rid of it and block it if it’s already on the laptop.