Billions of people use Facebook Messenger each month on their phones or PC. But nearly all of them don’t know these hidden features and tricks for Facebook Messenger. Here 10 hidden features of Facebook Messenger:

1) Use Messenger on Computer

On the off chance that you need to message your companions on your computer without the diversion of your News Feed, have a go at pulling up Messenger legitimately onto your computer. Simply go to and sign in with your Facebook account. You can likewise get to a discussion straightforwardly by going to including your companion’s Facebook username toward the end.

The work area Messenger looks simply like the Messenger page that can be gotten to from Facebook, yet it does not have the Facebook search bar at the highest point of the screen.

2) Send and Request Money

Facebook has been enabling clients to send and get cash for as far back as couple of years. Much like Venmo, Messenger gives you a chance to associate your Mastercard to the application, and send cash to your companions, and solicitation cash from them also.

To utilize it, interface your plastic by going to Profile > Payments > Add New Debit Card. To send and ask for, enter a visit with the companion hit the in addition to sign on the base left corner, select Payments, and enter the essential sum.

3) Add Friends with Your Profile Code

On the off chance that you ever meet somebody and like them so much that you need to companion them in a flash, you can have them check your interesting profile code.

To pull it up, tap your profile’s symbol in the upper left corner of the application, at that point tap the huge profile picture in the focal point of your screen. Press My Code to show your very own code, and Scan Code to check somebody else’s.

4) Play Games and Have Fun

Facebook has a lineup of truly compelling amusements from client top picks Words with Friends and 2048 to works of art like Pacman and Snake — which can all be played right in Messenger.

To challenge a companion or gathering of companions, begin a discussion, press the in addition to sign, and select Games. In case you’re an introvert, or you need to get some training, begin a discussion with yourself to make any showing alone.

5) Chat with AI Bots

In the event that you’ve had enough of human communication, never dread: Messenger’s military of bots will stay with you. They’ll send you news, help you spot orders, make recreations, and that’s just the beginning.

Tap Discover in the base right corner, and begin a discussion with the bot that strikes your extravagant.

6) Secret Encrypted Conversations

You can begin scrambled discussions in Facebook messenger that no one outside of them can see — not by any means the legislature or Facebook itself. They use start to finish encryption like that of Facebook’s Whatsapp.

Begin a discussion, tap Secret in the upper right corner, and select the companion you need to message. To cause your messages to vanish after a specific timeframe, tap the clock symbol to one side of the content box.

7) Customize Your Messenger Conversations

Facebook has a number of ways to make your conversations with your friends your own. Open a group chat and tap its name to open customization options.

You can change your group’s color, give your friends nicknames, or set a group emoji (to replace the “Thumbs Up” icon).

8) Share News, Restaurants, Flights and More

With Messenger’s lineup of coordinated outsider applications, you can send your companions some quite cool stuff in only a single tick.

In case you’re visiting about touring plans, you can scan for and share inn and flight alternatives with the Kayak expansion. You can share plans from the Food Network, eateries from OpenTable, tunes from Spotify and Apple Music, and news articles from the Wall Street Journal.

To get to these augmentations, open a discussion and tap the in addition to sign in the base left corner.

9) 3D Animations with Scribble Chat

Scrawl Chat transforms your messages into fun 3D movements. There are as of now 42 activity alternatives, and they’re all charming.

Open a discussion and tap the in addition to sign in the base left corner, at that point swipe left to choose ScribbleChat.

10) Send an Audio Message

An audio recording is an easy way to share a song you’re listening to, or send a fun birthday greeting.

To start a recording, open a conversation and press and hold the microphone button to the left of the text box. Drag up to cancel the recording, and let go of the icon to end and send.