It might sound befuddling, yet it’s quite straightforward: another Gmail highlight lets you connect an email or a whole string to another email.

In a blog entry, Google clarifies that, in certain circumstances, this could be more useful than sending a few separate messages. “Sending messages as connections enables you to compose a synopsis email message to your beneficiaries, and join the arrangement of supporting messages that beneficiaries can straightforwardly open in their mail customer,” the post says. It is anything but a need I’ve experienced regularly, yet it positively doesn’t damage to have the alternative.

To do it, you can begin another email and afterward simply drag the headline from a rundown of messages and the product will remember it as a potential connection (see video underneath).

The appended messages will be changed over into “.eml” records, and there’s no restriction on what number of messages you can join.

The element is in effect slowly turned out to clients beginning Dec. 9, and it should take as long as 15 days for it to get accessible to everybody.

To check if the element is as of now live for you, open an email and snap the three spot menu — you should see a “forward as connection” alternative in there.