Windows 10 Safe Mode starts the computer with a minimal need of system files and hardware drivers. In other words, this safe mode just loads the operating system with just enough things to boot.

Usually you need to boot in safe mode when you need to solve issues about operating system. You can boot in Safe Mode lots of ways. But we’ll show you the easiest one.

Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

While pressing “Shift” key on your keyboard, mouse click on Windows start menu and then power icon and then “Restart”. This action will get you into the blue screen with some options.

Windows 10 in Safe Mode

Alternatively, open the Settings app > Update & Security > Recovery. Under Advanced startup, click on Restart now.

Windows 10 in Safe Mode

On the blue screen with “Choose an option” title, follow these clicks: Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings.

Windows 10 in Safe Mode

Now you finally reach “Startup Settings” screen with lots of startup options. Select number 4 “Enable Safe Mode” by pressing “4” key on your keyboard. If you need network connection with safe mode, then you need to select option 5. Also you can select other options which suits your need.