Regardless of whether you call it night mode or dim mode, it’s a pattern that a lot of sites and applications have grasped.

Hulu is joining the gathering by taking off Night Mode to all web clients. It swaps the customarily more splendid shades of an interface for darker tones, similar to dim or dark. For great programming clients or devotees of Slack, it’s likened to changing the subject.

Night Mode on Hulu’s web variant changes the entire webpage, from the homepage to the hunt box and the show pages. Changing to darker hues can diminish eye strain, however can make expending content a progressively vivid encounter. Sound like it’s fit for your tastes? Night Mode is accessible for all Hulu clients now.

1) Log in to Hulu

This step may be self-explanatory, but you need to subscribe to Hulu before you can change out a theme. Just enter your username and password to authenticate.

2) Hover your profile

Moving the mouse over your profile name in the top right-hand corner will cause a menu to appear.

3) Flip on Night Mode

On that drop down menu, click the toggle button next to Night Mode to dim in the lights. Hulu has done an excellent job implementing this across the service, including the homepage, show pages, and menus.

It’s as straightforward as that. The darker subject will truly put creepy movies in the correct mode. Far better, Night Mode will be accessible all year, so you can diminish the lights and inundate yourself at whatever point you need.