While Windows 10 and some laptop & PC keyboards provides quick way to set screen brightness there’s no other way unless you have dedicated keyboard keys.

But if you still want to improve battery life of your laptop and searching for an easy way to adjust screen brightness, there is a simple and portable software tool called “Brightness Slider”.

This software doesn’t need installation and fully open source / ad-free. Follow steps below to add this brightness slider function to your taskbar.

  1. First visit Brightness Slider’s Github page and download the latest release exe file.
  2. After downloading the exe file you don’t need to install anything. Just place it into any folder in your computer.
  3. Now just double-click the exe to run the software. (If you see any Windows Defender SmartScreen warning, click “more info” and then select “Run Anyway” to launch it.
  4. Once the software running, you’ll see a small sun icon in your system tray. If you don’t see it, just click the small arrow icon to expand your system tray applications. You can also drag icons in system tray to re-arrange them.

Now you can able to set screen brightness by just clicking the sun icon and sliding the slider.

Note: This app won’t run at Windows startup by default. If you want it to automatically launch everytime when Windows starts, just right click the sun icon and select “Run at Startup”.

If this tool help to solve a need for you or having a problem just tell us in the comment box below.