How to fix if there is no Wi-Fi icon in Windows laptop taskbar? If for some reason you can’t see the WiFi icon and you can’t connect to any Wireless network as you were able to before then try all the following until the problem or issue is fixed for you.

Note that this applies to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or any other newer version of the Windows operating system that may exist.

Fix No Wi-Fi Icon In Windows Laptop Taskbar

1 Restart Windows explorer which may need a restart or refresh as it’s not showing all the icons. Simply reboot your Laptop or open Task manager by right clicking on the taskbar and finding Windows explorer and choosing restart for that windows component.

2 Verify whether your Laptop has a Wi-Fi change to flip Wi-Fi on and off, in the event that it doesn’t there may be a Function or F key at the top the Keyboard that flips Wi-Fi on and off. To fail essentially hold Fn in addition to the relating key with the Wi-Fi image on it to turn it on or off.

3 The Drivers for the WiFi might be adulterated, in such a case you should reinstall the Wireless drivers. Go to the producer’s site and locate your precise model and download the Wireless drivers and introduce them anew. The Wi-Fi icon should return and the wireless should begin working once more.

4 You can also Check the notifications area settings to make sure the WiFi icon is not hidden or turned off.

Also you can update WiFi drivers to solve WiFi problems by updating and fixing your drivers.