Windows 10 is a good operating system for gamers but it isn’t just perfect. So how to optimize Windows 10 for Gaming? Just toggle in-built Windows Game Mode setting without installing or using any third party software or tool. It’s just easy as changing any Windows 10 setting.

You don’t want Windows to download updates or do a system restart especially while you’re playing online games. So you just need to disable automatic Windows update downloads and automatic restarts.

Optimize Windows 10 With Gaming Mode

To see the “Game Mode” setting page and change the toggle, first press “Windows Key + I” and type “Game Mode” to settings search input box and click on it in the result(s). Now you see the toggle switch on the right side.

If you change this “Game Mode” switch to “on” position Windows Update will be suspended while you’re gaming and Windows system resources will be managed automatically to achieve the optimum frame rate.